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The emergence of the Internet and digital technology has dramatically transformed the society in which we live. The way in which we communicate, obtain information or carry out the almost every daily activity can no longer be understood today without the development of the technologies that make up the digital society. The same is true for the production and marketing of goods and services of all kinds. Information and communication technologies are no longer a specific sector of the economy, but the foundation of all innovative economic systems. The combination of these technologies with advances in the field of computing and the development of telecommunications networks give rise to new and increasingly sophisticated tools, leading today to talk of disruptive technologies.

Law must adapt to this new reality, responding to the problems arising from the use of new technologies, such as cybercrime, disinformation through digital platforms, liability arising from the use of autonomous vehicles, the regulation of cryptocurrencies, electronic contracting and the protection of privacy and personal data on the Internet, to name just a few examples.

The Master's Degree in Digital Society Law (60 ECTS credits) aims to offer multidisciplinary training, adapted to the demands of this new reality, which favours the updating of knowledge and specialisation, in order to face the challenges caused by the development and generalisation of the use of technologies in the field of Law.

The multidisciplinary approach of the Master in Digital Society Law and its international approach is reflected in the Departments involved in its teaching, which are complemented by a large group of more than fifty external lecturers, including academics, professionals and industry representatives.

In addition to the Department of Civil Law, the programme of studies also integrates the Departments of Philosophy of Law and Private International Law, Public International Law and Criminal Law, Legal Sciences of the State, Economic and Financial Disciplines, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Computer Languages and Systems, and Computer and Information Technology and Computing.

The scheduling of classes in the afternoon, from Monday to Thursday, aims to make the study programme compatible with the development of professional activity.



Degree: Master's Degree in Digital Society Law. Degree issued by the University of Alicante

Crédits: 60 ECTS.

Academic period: del 4 de octubre de 2021 al 11 de junio de 2022. 

Timetable: lunes a jueves de 16-20 horas

Modality: Presencial

Languaje: Castellano / Inglés

Price: 5.400 €.

Access: The study program is aimed at university graduates interested in receiving specialized training in the field of law of new technologies, preferably from the following degrees:

  • Law
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Economics
  • Management and Public Administration
  • International Relations
  • Criminology
  • Engineering
  • Translation
  • Sociology
  • Other related degree

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To begin the acceptance process, the candidate must pre-register for the master's degree. Pre-registration is done by filling out the following application form:

Once the previous pre-registration has been submitted, you must provide the necessary information for the formalization of the registration by e-mail to sending the following scanned documentation: D.N.I., and degree.


In compliance with art. 7 of the University of Alicante's regulations, students must hold an official higher education degree in order to be admitted to a master's degree course. Students who are currently studying an official higher education degree and have no more than 18 credits left to complete it or the Final Degree Project may also be admitted.

The postgraduate course has limited places available. Enrolment is subject to the prior acceptance of the candidate by the Academic Board.


The payment will be:

25% ten days after the enrollment 

25% during the month of december 2021

25% during the month of february 2022

25% during the month of april 2022



The Master's Degree in Digital Society Law at the University of Alicante aims to offer training of excellence, certified by a university degree. Through this training, students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and resolve situations that arise in the exercise of their profession, develop strategies for action and advise their clients.




Understanding the Interface between Law and Digital Technology (3 ECTS)

Legal Challenges of the New Business Models in the Digital Economy (3 ECTS)

Internet Governance and Regulation (2 ECTS)

Online Platforms: Obligations and Liability (3 ECTS)

Cibersecurity Law (2 ECTS)

Cibercrime (2 ECTS)

Electronic Public Administration (4 ECTS)

Data Protection (6 ECTS)



Private International Law in Cyberspace (4 ECTS)

Electronic Contracts and Consumer Protection in the Digital Environment (6 ECTS)

Legal Challenges of AI and Robotics (3 ECTS)

Legal aspects of Blockchain y the Distributed Leged Technology (2 ECTS)

Global Innovation Law and Policy (6 ECTS)

Copyright in the Digital Environment (6 ECTS)

Legaltech and the Law (2 ECTS)


(6 ECTS)



The programme will be developed through theoretical and practical sessions taught in person in Spanish and English. The students will be provided with specific teaching materials before every session and will be complemented with personalised tutorials attended by the professors responsible for the different subjects.

In order to assess the knowledge and skills acquired, there will be a final theoretical and practical test for each subject. Student participation in the classes and the activities proposed by the teaching staff will also be assessed.



Julián López Richart. Senior Lecturer. Civil Law Department.



Cabedo Serna, Llanos. Lecturer. Civil Law Department.

Camisón Yagüe, José Ángel. Senior Lecturer. Department of State Legal Studies.

Cortés Vélez, Juan José. Associate Lecturer. Civil Law Department.

Desantes Real, Manuel. Professor. Department of Philosophy of Law and Private International Law.

Evangelio Llorca, Raquel. Senior Lecturer. Civil Law Department.

Esteve González, Lydia. Senior Lecturer. Department of Philosophy of Law and Private International Law.

Femenía López, Pedro. Pofessor. Civil Law Department.

Granero Villagordo, Rafael. Associate Lecturer. Civil Law Department.

García-Cahmón Cervera, Enrique. Associate Lecturer. Civil Law Department.

García Mirete, Carmen. Lecturer. Department of Philosophy of Law and Private International Law.

Gil García, Elisabeth. Senior Lecturer. Tax Law and Economics Department.

Juanatey Dorado, Camen. Professor. Public International Law and Criminal Law Department.

Lafuente Sánchez, Raúl. Lecturer. Department of Philosophy of Law and Private International Law.

López Richart, Julián. Senior Lecturer. Civil Law Department.

López Sánchez, Cristina. Senior Lecturer. Civil Law Department.

López-Tarruella Martínez, Aurelio. Senior Lecturer. Department of Philosophy of Law and Private International Law.

Marín Raigal, Gabriel. Associate Lecturer. Civil Law Department.

Martínez Gutiérrez, Rubén. Senior Lecturer. Department of State Legal Studies.

Martínez Martínez, Nuria. Lecturer. Civil Law Department.

Martín López, Jorge. Senior Lecturer. Tax Law and Economics Department.

Mora Lizán, Francisco José. Senior Lecturer. Department of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence.

Mora Mora, Higinio. Professor. Department of Computer Science and Technology.

Morán Martínez, Manuel. Senior Lecturer. Department of Philosophy of Law and Private International Law.

Moreno Martínez, Juan Antonio. Professor. Civil Law Department.

Pérez Bernabeu, Begoña. Senior Lecturer. Tax Law and Economics Department.

Ribera Blanes, Begoña. Senior Lecturer. Civil Law Department.

Sanmartín Pardo, José Jesús. Senior Lecturer. Department of State Legal Studies.

Suárez Cueto, Armando. Senior Lecturer. Department of Software and Computing systems.



Arroyo Amayuelas, Esther. Professor of Civil Law at the University of Barcelona and Jean Monnet Chair in EU Private Law at the same University. Fellow of the German DAAD (2003), of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2006-2007) and of the Institute of European Law (2010), she has also been Visiting Scholar at different national, American, European and Asian Universities.

Atienza Navarro, María Luisa. Professor of Civil Law at the University of Valencia. She has numerous publications on civil liability law, obligations, family and real rights and has participated in many conferences and congresses, both national and international. She is currently working on a line of research related to autonomous vehicles in the field of artificial intelligence and civil liability.

Bain, Malcom. He graduated in business studies from the Ecole Supérieur de Commerce of Paris and in Law from the College of Law of London and holds a Master's degree in International Studies from the University of Barcelona. After starting his career as a lawyer at Slaughter and Mayen London, and several years at the consulting firm Information Highway Group in Barcelona, Malcolm founded LegisTICs, a law firm specializing in Information and Communications Technology Law.

Barrio Andrés, Moisés.  Lawyer of the Council of State, Professor of Digital Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid, Lawyer and Consultant. In 1992 he founded I D E S O F T, a company that manufactures software and technological and cybersecurity solutions and was a pioneer in marketing computer programs on the Internet. He also advises different Public Administrations, both in Spain and internationally, in matters of Internet and Public Law. He is a member of the group of experts on Cyberpolitics of the Real Instituto Elcano and is a corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation.

Bataller i Ruiz, Enric. Lecturer in Civil Law at the University of Valencia. Former Member of the Spanish Parliament..

Baylina Melé, Marta. LLM in Intellectual Property by the George Washington University Law School. Senior attorney at CORE Association and a professor of intellectual property and new technologies at ESADE Law School and ESADE Business School.

Aurelia Bustos Moreno, María Aurelia. Oncologist, computer engineer and Spanish researcher expert in the application of artificial intelligence methods in cancer treatment. Creator of Medbravo, selected among the top five finalists in the Future Internet Challenge on e-Health programme (FICHE) promoted by the European Commission. Member of the committee of experts in artificial intelligence of the Department of Innovation of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Cámara Lapuente, Sergio. Catedrático de Derecho Civil en la Universidad de La Rioja. Ha participado activamente en el proceso de construcción del Derecho privado europeo como miembro de prestigiosas redes internacionales de investigación y como ponente nacional representando a España en diversos proyectos financiados por la Comisión Europea para la revisión o elaboración de nuevas Directivas de consumo (EU Consumer Law Compendium, 2004-2010; Digital Content Services for Consumers, 2010-2011).

Carbajo Cascón, Fernando. Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Salamanca and Alternate Magistrate of the Court of Appeals of Salamanca. Expert in Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law. He is currently the President of the First Section of the Spanish Intellectual Property Commission.

Carrascosa Cobos, Cristina. Lawyer. Head of the legal department of Inflity, a Blockchain-based technology company. Previously, she worked as a lawyer in IT/IP departments of international law firms such as Ecija Law&Tech, Cuatrecasas or Broseta. Member of the Working Group of the Blockchain Observatory of the European Commission.

Carrascosa González, Javier. Professor of Private International Law at the University of Murcia. Member of the Private International Law Section of the Bar Association of Murcia. Professor at the Hague Academy of International Law, July 2015 (course: "Internet - privacy and rights relating to personality").

Castán Pérez-Gómez, Antonio. Lawyer specialized in intellectual property. Coordinator of the Litigation Group of Elzaburu Law Firm, practicing before the Spanish Courts since 1985.

Castellanos Rubio, Carlos. Lawyer. Expert in media, telecommunications and digital economy. Worked as senior advisor to the Board of Commissioners of the Colombian Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC). He is currently Senior Associate in the TMT practice group at Cullen International of Baker McKenzie.

Chaves, Dina. He is part of the Corporate Consulting Department at Clarke Modet. Expert n Intellectual Property Management, Technology Transfer, Technology Intelligence and Economic Valuation of Intangible Assets..

De Miguel Asensio, Pedro. Professor of Private International Law at the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and co-director of the Committee on Intellectual Property and Private International Law of the International Law Association.

Desantes de Mergelina, Andrés. Electronic engineer (ENSEA), Master of Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology (USA) and Master in business from ESSEC Business School (Paris and Singapore). He is currently in charge of digital products at BNP.

Drexl, Josef. Doctorate in Munich (1990). Master of Laws at the University of California at Berkeley (1993). Professor of civil law and European economic law in Würzburg (1997). Professor of civil law, European and international commercial law in Munich (2000-2006). Director of the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law since 2002 (now Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition). Chair of the Managing Board of the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC).

Fernández Lasquetty, Javier. Socio de ELZABURU y experto en Propiedad industrial e intelectual. Es ponente habitual en cursos y conferencias sobre esta materia en foros especializados en propiedad industrial e intelectual tanto a nivel europeo como internacional.

García Garnica, María del Carmen. Catedrática de Derecho Civil de la Universidad de Granada. Su labor investigadora se ha desarrollado principalmente en materias de derecho de la persona y de Derecho patrimonial. Cuenta con numerosas publicaciones y ponencias en Congresos, tanto nacionales como internacionales en materias de su especialidad.

García Herrera, Vanessa. Professor of Civil Law at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Her line of research has focused, among other issues, on the protection and processing of personal data on digital platforms. She has numerous publications and has participated in specialized forums on this subject.

Garrote Fernández-Díez, Ignacio. Senior Lecturer in Civil Law at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Accredited Professor of Civil Law. Co-director of the Master's Degree in Intellectual, Industrial Property and New Technologies at the UAM. Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School (Massachusetts) (2002).

Geiger, Christophe. Professor of Law and former Director of the Research Department of the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), University of Strasbourg (France), where he teaches intellectual property and competition law. He has been Director General of the CEIPI from September 2008 to September 2019 (11 years). He specializes in national, European, international and comparative copyright and intellectual property law, acts as external expert for the European Parliament and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and takes part in national and international conferences. He has published numerous articles on copyright and intellectual property law.

Giménez Merchante, Francisco. Lawyer and consultant, expert in the management of television and intellectual property rights. Director of the Department of Partners and Distribution of AISGE, being therefore responsible in Spain for the methodologies of protection, identification, distribution and remuneration of the intellectual property rights of performers in the audiovisual sector.

González García, Agustín. Lawyer. Partner of the law firm Uría Menéndez, which he joined after working at the SGAE, where he was Director of the Legal Services Department. He focuses his professional practice in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, providing ongoing legal advice to national and international companies operating in the music, audiovisual, publishing, Internet content providers and information technology sectors.

González Otero, Begoña. Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition. Expert in Intellectual Property Law with focus on European Patent Law and Copyright Law, Software Protection, Law of the Digital Economy; Information and Technology Law, emerging technologies (IoT, AI), intersection IP/Competition Law, digital markets, interoperability and standardization.

Kamperman-Sanders, Anselm. Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Director of the advanced masters Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management (IPKM LLM/MSc), and Academic Director of the Institute for Globalisation and International Regulation (IGIR) at Maastricht University. He also sits as deputy judge in the Court of Appeal in the Hague.

Manchón, Eduardo. Start-up advisor and independent consultant. He started in 2001 at "la Caixa" as a usability expert, later in 2004 he was a partner at (sold to eBay) and in 2005 he co-founded, acquired by Google in 2007. He worked at Google from 2007 to 2010. He is currently Product Manager at MailTrack, a service that lets you know when an email has been read.

Manderieux, Laurent. Professor of Intellectual Property, International Law and European Intellectual Property Law and Director of the Master Law of Internet Technology at Bocconi University. Coordinator of the Intellectual Property Transatlantic Academy and co-director of the Intellectual Property Teachers Network (EIPTN), Consultant on intellectual property and international trade for numerous governments and intergovernmental organizations.

Marín López, Juan José. Professor of Civil Law. Lawyer specialized in intellectual property, civil liability and insurance at Hoyng ROKH Monegier (Madrid).

Marín López, Manuel Jesús. Professor of Civil Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha since 2010. His research has focused on consumer law, consumer credit, contract law, matrimonial law, bankruptcy law, security interests, prescription, and arbitration.

Martín Salamanca, Sara. Senior Lecturer of Civil Law at The UC3M. Member of the Collegio del Dottorato in Diritto Privato, Diritto Romano e Cultura Giuridica Europea della Università degli Studi di Pavia. International Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Intellectual Property of the UC3M and assistant director of the Expert Degree in Art Market Law of the same university.

Martínez Martínez, Ricard. Professor in the Department of Constitutional Law, Political Science and Administration and Director of the Chair of Privacy and Digital Transformation. PhD in Law from the Universitat de València, he has devoted his research to the study of the fundamental right to data protection and to different issues related to the impact of information and communication technologies on privacy. Member of the panel of experts in data and Artificial Intelligence of the Department of Innovation and Universities of the Generalitat Valenciana. Member of the group of experts for the drafting of a Charter of Digital Rights of the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

Muñiz Ferrandis, Carlos. Lawyer specialized in IT law. He has worked at the European Patent Office (Munich) and at Bardhele Pagenberg (Paris), a law firm specialized in intellectual property. He is currently a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (Munich). Co-founder of High Technology Forum, a non-profit platform for discussion and debate on the interactions between law and technology.

Navas Navarro, Susana. Professor of Civil Law and Director of the Department of Private Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, specializing in intellectual property law and digital law. She is a member of the scientific committee of RAILS (Robot and Artificial Intelligence Law Society) based in Berlin.

Oliver Ramírez, Nuria. Telecommunications engineer and PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. She is known for her work on computational models of human behavior, artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, mobile computing and big data for social good. She is an independent advisor to Bankia, scientific advisor to the Vodafone Institute, Chief Data Scientist at the Data-Pop Alliance and a member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering.

Palao Moreno, Guillermo. Professor of Private International Law and member of the R&D Research Group in Mediation and Arbitration (MedArb) of the University of Valencia. Specialist in international trade, international contracting and international alternative dispute resolution.

Pedreño Muñoz, Andrés. Entrepreneur and researcher in Digital Economy. University Professor in Applied Economics (IEI-University of Alicante). Co-founder of IT&IS SL (several digital success stories, including and President of AlicanTEC (Association with 260 technology companies). Author of more than 70 books, the last one of them "Europe versus USA and China. Preventing decline in the age of Artificial Intelligence" (with Luis Moreno).

Peguera Poch, Miquel. Associate Professor of Commercial Law at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain). Expert in the legal aspects of the information society and in particular in Internet Service Providers Liability in intellectual property and other fields.

Piñar Mañas, José Luis. Professor of Administrative Law. CEU San Pablo University. Former Director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Plaza Penadés, Javier. Professor of Civil Law at the University of Valencia and Data Protection Delegate at the same university. Director of the Master's Degree in Mediation, Arbitration and Conflict Management in Private Law at the University of Valencia. Director of the Aranzadi Journal of Law and New Technologies..

Rallo Lombarte, Artemi. Professor of Constitutional Law. Jaume I University. Senator. Former Director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Rodríguez de las Heras Ballel, Teresa. Professor of Commercial Law at the UC3M. She is a specialist in Law and New Technologies and a member of the European Commission's expert groups on artificial intelligence and liability and on electronic platforms. Of Counsel of Andersen for the area of Commercial Law in the Madrid office.

Ruíz Martínez, Jesús. Chief Technology Officer of the Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem Network. Former Director of the Technology Strategy Area of Banco Santander.

Saiz García, Concepción. Senior Lecturer of Civil Law at the University of Valencia. Main researcher of the MICENO project on "Copyright Contracts and Licenses". Expert in intellectual property issues. Contributor to several magazines specialized in intellectual property.

Sánchez Aristi, Rafael. Professor of Civil Law at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and consultant at Uría Menéndez since 2015. He develops his professional practice in intellectual property, IT law and outsourcing, electronic communications and media, personal data protection and e-commerce..

Sanz Bayón, Pablo. Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid, Spain). Expert in the interaction between law and economics, economic analysis of law and the regulation of digital technologies applied to the financial sector.

Solorio Pérez, Oscar Javier. Professor at the University of Colima (Mexico). Certified Copyright Arbitrator by INDAUTOR and member of the Board of Red OTT Mexico, A.C. (Red OTT®). Founding Partner and Board Member of several Startups and President of the Association of the Electronics Industry and Information and Communications Technologies (AIETIC). He has more than 15 years of experience providing consulting and training to micro, small and medium enterprises.

Tapia Hermida, Alberto Javier. Professor of Commercial Law at the Complutense University of Madrid. Lawyer. Partner at Estudio Jurídico Sánchez Calero, S.R.L.P. ormer member of the National Securities Market Commission. He has acted as expert and advisor in matters related to the regulation of financial markets in general and the securities market in particular, in the EU Council, the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee.

Torrubia Saez, Andrés Telecommunications engineer, he has extensive experience in the development of technology start-ups. After working at CERN in Geneva, he founded a start-up focused on the distribution and security of Internet games. He is currently CEO of and He is also co-founder of Medbravo, which applies Artificial Intelligence to biomedical projects and co-founder of the Artificial Intelligence Institute..

Troncoso Reigada, Antonio. Professor of Constitutional Law. University of Cadiz. Former Director of the Data Protection Agency of the Community of Madrid.

Tur Faúndez, Carlos. Lawyer specialized in Information and Communication Technologies Law with more than 25 years of experience Associate Lecturer at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). Founding partner of OMS Lawyers and CEO of eOMS law & technology. Founder of the BLOCKCHANGE project. Author of the monograph Smart contracts, legal analysis published by Editorial Reus.

Xalabarder Plantada, Raquel. Professor of Intellectual Property at the Universitat Oberta de Cataluña (UOC). Renowned expert in copyright. President of Aladda, the Spanish branch of ALAI (Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale).

Zafrilla Díaz Marta, Vicente. Doctoral Researcher - Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition. IPR Expert at the EU Latin America IPR Helpdesk. LLM on Intellectual Property.




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