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There will be studies under seal Paneuropeo and best records of Magister Lventinus of may make practices in the European body

Alicante, 1 April 2015

The University of Alicante, UA, and the Office for the harmonization of the internal market, OHIM, have signed this morning a memorandum of understanding that will allow them to collaborate on awareness-raising and training in the field of industrial and intellectual property, within the framework of the seal based (Pan European Seal). It is a program of internship in the area of industrial and intellectual property, which currently includes 13 European universities. This initiative, convened at the international level, was launched by the OHIM in 2014, with the collaboration of the European Patent Office (EPO).

Through this project, OHIM and the EPO offered 100 paid year-long fellowships to young graduates College Europeans with better record, to provide them with the opportunity to build your professional future in a multicultural environment. These practices, in addition to being aimed at faculties of law and engineering, also include universities and colleges that offer all kinds of teaching, from music to history, since the intellectual property covers multiple areas. In the case of the University of Alicante, the records will be chosen among the best of the Magister Lventinus, which may make their practices in the Office located in the capital Alicante.

The opening ceremony was held at the rectory office and has counted with the participation of the President of the OHIM, Antonio Campinos and the rector of the University of Alicante, Manuel Palomar, as well as various representatives of both institutions.

Campinos has recalled that before starting his career in 1996, OHIM has already signed a first agreement with the AU, which was evident the link between both institutions. In fact, the President of the OHIM has ensured that within the Office "there are many colleagues who have been formed in the UA" and highlighted "the character pioneer of the University of Alicante to the form part of a project that will allow training more than 500 young people from the best universities in the world".

For its part, the rector has moved the thanks of the University community for the trust placed in us by the OHIM in the institution that leads. "The training component is essential for our University and our clear, European vocation", he said.

Managers of the institutions have agreed that with this signature opens other forms of collaboration for the joint organization of all educational and outreach activities on intellectual property.

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